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University/College in UK

UK is one of major destinations for international students. Its universities have high ranking and reputation. Some of them are on the top of world ranking. Their qualifications are acceptable worldwide as a prestigious degree.
There are more than 100 universities and many more colleges in the UK. Thus, you have plenty of options to choose your desired course and university.

You can come to the UK to study from Primary School up to Post-PhD level. Requirement for each level or course is different and we could help you after examining your case and situation. Most of the time you require English language proficiency certificate and transcripts/qualifications of previous studies. For research degrees such as MPhil or PhD you need a research proposal.

There are great opportunities to register your 4-17 years old children in the best colleges in the world. No IELTS is needed.

You can study in Colleges as well. They offer lower level courses (from A-Level up to Master courses). They are not offering courses in all fields and some of them are offering courses in specific fields of study.

To apply to study in Universities/Colleges you have to apply for Tier 4 visa which you can find its details on our Study Visa page.

For more information about the requirements, fees and visa conditions please contact us.