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Same Day Service

There is a same day service for the applicants inside the UK and for some immigration categories. This service is offered in Public Enquiry Offices in Croydon (London), Solihull (Birmingham), Sheffield, Liverpool, Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast. In this service, applicant should book an appointment and attend the PEO to submit the application. In most of the straightforward cases, the application would be decided on the same day. Therefore it is a much quicker way than postal application which could take up to couple of months to be decided. Unfortunately, this service is very popular and PEOs are very busy and fully booked most of the time.

In this service, our adviser will attend PEO and submit and present your application. We will stay at PEO to receive the decision and collect the documents. You and your dependents may be required to attend PEO to submit your biometrics information.

Due to extremely high demand for this service please let us know about your required appointment at least 6 weeks in advance.
We will offer this service as part of our General Consulting and Document checking service as well. 

Same Day appointment booking is subject to Home Office availability and restrictions. There is no guarantee that you receive your result on the same day.

To discuss your same day application please contact us.