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Spouse and Family (Appendix FM)

People who want to come to UK to live with their British Citizen Spouse should apply for Spouse visa. It can be used by people whose spouse is permanent resident of UK. This can be applied from outside the UK or in some cases inside the UK. As a general rule, visitors cannot apply to switch to this category.

There are various requirements that should be met by the applicant to be eligible for this category. Among them are financial requirement and minimum salary for the applicant and the British spouse (currently £18600 gross per year for a couple without a child), proving that the relation is genuine and the marriage or relationship was not started only to obtain residency in the UK and English language requirements.

Upon approval of the case, the visa or extension will be granted for 33 months and should be extended before ending the initial one. After 5 years, by meeting the relevant requirements, applicant can apply for permanent residency in the UK.

There are other sub categories (for parents, children, etc.) which should be discussed case by case.

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