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Permanent Residency

There are various ways to become permanent resident or Settled in the UK. In most of the cases, the applicant should live in the UK in the qualified categories for some years and after meeting conditions apply for permanent residency. In most work and family related categories, applicant should live in the UK for continuous 5 years. Study categories normally will not lead to permanent residency.

Ther are various ways to become settled in the UK and so each case should be reviewed individually and then the proper advice will be given. After obtaining Settlement status, the applicant can live and work in the UK. There are only certain occasions that permanent residency status could be revoked by UK government.

In most cases after 1 year, the applicant is eligible for British Citizenship. If the spouse is a British citizen there is no such period. There are lots of ways to apply for British Citizenship and then British Passport and each case should be evaluated on its merits.

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