Family Visas

People who want to come to UK to live with their settled partner should apply for a family visa. It can be used by people whose partner is permanent resident of UK or a refugee. This can be applied from outside the UK or in some cases inside the UK. As a general rule, visitors cannot apply to switch to this category.

There are various requirements that should be met by the applicant to be eligible for this category. Among them are financial requirement and minimum salary for the applicant and the settled partner (currently £18,600 gross per year for a couple without a child), proper accommodation, proving that the relation is genuine and the marriage or relationship was not formed only to obtain residency in the UK and English language requirements.

Upon approval of the case, the visa or extension will be granted for 33 (or 30) months and should be extended before ending the initial one. After 5 years, by meeting the relevant requirements, applicant can apply for permanent residency in the UK. There are other sub categories (for parents, children, etc.) which should be discussed case by case.

Please contact us to discuss your situation and further advice.

Study Visas

If you are from outside the UK and you want to come to the UK to study you should apply for a study visa (there are some exception to this rule).
There are mainly two types of study visas: Study and Short-Term Study Visa.

Study Visa is for the students who want to study longer term and usually want to extend their stay after finishing their course of study. It is usually being used by the university/college students. To apply for a Study Visa, you should be sponsored by a Student sponsor (usually a university or college) and you meet specific requirements relating to English language and maintenance. You may be required to attend an interview to satisfy visa officer that you are genuine students.

There is a sub category of Study visa which is for under 18 years old students.

If you want come to the UK for short courses and do not want to extend inside the UK, you can use Short-term Study visa. You should satisfy visa officers about your financial standings and intention to leave.
To discuss your study application please contact us.

Visit Visas

Visit categories are for the people who are coming to the UK for visit or tourism.

There are various kinds of visitor or tourist visas and each of them has its own rules and conditions. Normally, you should have enough means to support yourself and dependents financially during the stay, you should have intention to leave at the end of visit, you should follow the relevant rules and regulations. Issuance of the visa is at sole discretion of British Immigration Authorities and even submitting all required documents will not guarantee your case.

Thus, in issuing visitor visa various factors such as financial standing, immigration history, family situations, education and work history will be taken in the account.

As each case should be considered individually please contact us if you are interested in coming to the UK as visitor.

Work Visas

There are various visas for those who want to come to the UK to work as an employee, invest or start their own business.

The main categories are: Skilled Worker Visa for skilled employees
Graduate Route for the graduates of the universities at degree level (from 1st April 2021)
Tier 5 for temporary employee
Tier 1 Investor for those who want to invest at least £2m in the UK
Gloab Talent for talented people in the fields of arts, science and technology
Start-up, Innovator for those who have an innovative idea and want to establish their own business here, and
Sole Representative of an Overseas Business for those who want work as a sole representative of a overseas company in the UK.

Eash of the above categories has own rules and requirements. To discuss your case please contact us.

Other Services

Hoona offers other services such as:

Admission services for the university and college courses from Primary School to Master's.
Admission services for the other countries such as USA and Canada
Visa services for other countries such as Germany, Spain and Turkey (it may be offered through third parties), and
Obtaining license for Studnet and Skiled Worker Visas

To discuss your case please contact us.

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