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Hoona is honoured to offer its professional immigration and education services to the immigrants and prospective students. We have a long and successful history of offering immigration and education consulting for clients around the world. We always aim at offering high quality and cheap services. If you want a professional and up to date consulting about your immigration and education needs, please contact us today. We are more than happy to assist you as UK Immigration and Education consultants.

We are a registered by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). We are authorized to provide immigration advice and services at Level 1 in Immigration and Asylum (you can find the list of works permitted at level 1 here). Our registration number is F201200459. According to the UK immigration rules, the immigration advice and services in the UK should be offered by a qualified and regulated person or organization. Hoona has such regulation and therefore applicants can instruct us with reliability and confidence. You could also find our latest fee scale here.

Hoona based in the UK and works with an extensive network of universities, colleges and schools. We offer education consulting services for the prospective students who want to study in the UK or other EU countries. Most of the jobs are handled online which saves cost and time for the students. Thus, we do not know any physical boundaries and we have had clients and students from around the world. We are welcoming prospective students from all countries to use our quick and effective services.
Regulated advisor is Houman Farajollahi with OISC reference number F201200459. You can find his contact details here
You could also find our standard terms and conditions (it includes our Confidentiality Policy and Complaint Procedure) here


According the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, immigration advice and services in the UK can be offered only by a member of a designated professional body, such as the Law Society or an equivalent in the European Economic Area, or acting under the supervision of a member; registered or exempted by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), or acting under the supervision of such a person; or exempted by ministerial order, such as an employer providing advice only to your own staff or prospective staff.

Our services at level 1 are including:
Consulting service for those who have questions regarding their application and immigration conditions
Document checking service for those who want to apply themselves but want their documents and forms to be checked by a regulated adviser. We will do this job for you very quick and with high quality.
Basic applications for entry clearance, leave to enter or Leave to Remain that are within the Immigration Rules in the following categories: Visitors/Students, Spouses/unmarried partners/other family members, Immigration employment documents, all applications under PBS, visitors, diplomats, their family members and domestic staff and non-asylum Case Resolution/ Legacy Case and basic Nationality and citizenship application under UK law/Naturalization and Registration as a British Citizen

You can find our latest Privacy Policy following implentation of GDPR (General Data Protection Act) here.

If this instruction is signed through online means and not in a face to face meeting, then it will be covered by Distance Selling Regulation 2000. According to the regulations, you will have a 14 calendar days cooling-off period from the date of signing this letter to cancel it. If you asked us to start the instruction after signing the instruction and then cancel in that 14 days cooling off period, an amount would be calculated based on the work which has been done and an invoice would be issued for that amount. We will consider court action and may use services of the regulated Debt Collection Agencies if the fee is not forthcoming following the successful completion of your application. By signing this letter you confirm you are aware of these points. If you don’t ask us to start immediately, we will start your instruction after this 14 days cooling-off period. This will be decided and agreed before starting the instruction and will be explained clearly in the client care letter. Contact us for more information and details about this service.

For any complaints or disputes please send us an email
Also, from 15 February 2016, the European Commission set up an online platform (the ODR platform). This will allow consumers who have a complaint about a product or service bought online to submit the complaint via an online complaint form to a trader based in another European country. In cross-border disputes, consumers needing assistance in filling out the form and traders receiving a complaint will be able to get information and assistance from advisers based in their own country, who will work with their European counterparts to facilitate communication between the parties involved in the dispute.
Link to the platform of the European Commission for Online Dispute Resolution for consumers is here

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